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Did you know that children as young as the age of FOUR subconsciously learn to stereotype? As they get older, this can turn to bullying. This is why I’m creating a program called EMBRACING DIFFERENCES.

If you read last week’s post, then you’re aware that I have been wanting to create this program for a long time now because it KILLS me when I speak to children who believe bad stereotypes about themselves or about others. So, I WANT TO TEACH THEM TO DEBUNK THOSE STEREOTYPES.

But I can’t do it alone. I’ll have to help some parents and adults to learn how to recognize when subconscious stereotypical words, phrases or actions are being accidently used and how to replace them with positive, accurate and appropriate ones.

So, you see. This problem is one of those we all know about, but it has been placed on the back burner or it’s not within sight at all. And the fact that stereotypes and biases are subconsciously used so much by people every day, we must do what we can to educate ourselves on how to reject them starting with our little ones. Because they suffer the most when kids bully and constantly tease them at school for their own uniqueness.

It’s hard to do this, but it’s not impossible and one way we can start is by learning more about people who are not like us; different dress styles, different abilities, cultures, foods, religion, traditions, language, etc. We need to learn about DIVERSITY.

So, what I’d like to ask of you is to join me on my closed DaliTalks Embracing Differences Facebook group for a live collaborative discussion on Monday, January 30th at 9am PAC/12pm EST).

I’ll be going on live to find out what you would want to see in a program like this or where you would want to see this program implemented. I’ll also give you examples of things I’ve seen going on at schools and ideas on how they could be better addressed.

I know that asking you for an hour of your time is a lot to ask for, but I promise that I will not only take your input seriously, but that your name will be included in the course credits.

In addition, I will be giving posting a freebie cheat-sheet on the closed FB group with examples and suggestions of common daily phrases, words and actions that you can start putting into practice immediately with your children at home.

So, if you’re ready to be part of something significant that will benefit you and so many others, please join the group here, and I’ll see you on Facebook Live Monday, January 30th!

                                                         Much Love, 

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