Every person has a talent, a skill, a passion or something to share with the world. Sometimes, that special thing to give is a story about an experience.

At DaliTalks you can always count on reading about something that will give you insight, inspire ideas and even question the norms in society.

Although some conversations here might not be aligned with your beliefs, we ask that you give them a try, be respectful, and try to learn from them.

Put yourselves in the characters’ shoes. Try to understand other points of views. And dare to tell your story.

Because when we do this, we find solutions and we reinforce or realize what our true values or beliefs really are.

Hopefully, when you enter DaliTalks you will discover new passions… or old ones that had been dormant while we deal with every day life. But  most of all, we hope that you learn from DaliTalks and that you enjoy each story and share them.