About Me


Hi There!

My name is Dali, a passionate entrepreneur aiming to help my audience with the knowledge I’ve gained to save people struggles.

Growing up, I was pretty sheltered and somewhat shy, but the one thing I always kept in mind was to listen to older people’s advice because like my Mom used to say to me, “if you listen to their advice, you’ll save yourself a lot of hardship and heartbreak.” She was right.

In the beginning…

Less than a month after having graduated from high school I left home to serve in our U.S. military as a tank and heavy wheeled vehicle mechanic and other smaller vehicles. I got to do some awesome things!

I got to race down the Mojave desert on a tank (M1A2) and other military vehicles. I got to fire many very powerful and amazing weapons (grenade launchers, rifles, 60 caliber machine guns and others). I also got to fly on the popular H-1 Huey helicopter, and I was an instructor for hundreds of soldiers (my favorite and most rewarding job!).

I met my husband while serving in the military and several years later we became parents of two wonderful little girls. After my 10 years in the military, went back to college and earned a master’s degree in Women and Gender Studies (with a concentration in Leadership and Social Policy).

I got my first real taste of entrepreneurship while in college. I created a line of custom kitchen cutting blocks called Maestroblocks. While that attempt to become my own boss did not last forever, I got a real sense of what it takes to build a business and I realized that timing was just not right at the time.

Now that I’m done with school and I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on my passions, I’ve decided to start sharing knowledge to help others. Hence my nerdy idea of this wonderful blog!

So, here I am in Sunny California working on my dream and enjoying a part of the United States where we get to (as my kids say) wear flip-flops year round!

I hope to hear your thoughts and that you enjoy the talks!