Will you join me?


Did you know that children as young as the age of FOUR subconsciously learn to stereotype? As they get older, this can turn to bullying. This is why I’m creating a program called EMBRACING DIFFERENCES.

If you read last week’s post, then you’re aware that I have been wanting to create this program for a long time now because it KILLS me when I speak to children who believe bad stereotypes about themselves or about others. So, I WANT TO TEACH THEM TO DEBUNK THOSE STEREOTYPES.

But I can’t do it alone. I’ll have to help some parents and adults to learn how to recognize when subconscious stereotypical words, phrases or actions are being accidently used and how to replace them with positive, accurate and appropriate ones. Continue reading “Will you join me?”

Stereotypes are disrupting our kids’ learning

He kept calling me a dumb Mexican because I have an accent, but so does Jimmy. He’s from France. I just don’t get it. I know English just as much as he does. I’m also not from Mexico.
-8 year old, Ana in Maryland

When adults hear about conflicts among kids such as Ana’s, they’re often dismissed as child bickery, a rough phase of childhood or just part of being a kid. But if this scenario where between two adults, it would be considered harassment or discrimination.

So, why aren’t educators taking the time to teach kids to not use stereotypes in the classrooms? Sadly, schools also don’t strongly consider the effects of stereotyping (such as misogyny or sexual harassment) more seriously-and they should! They know they exist, but they don’t actively focus on this issue.

Subconscious stereotyping is important because Continue reading “Stereotypes are disrupting our kids’ learning”