Consider making this list

As the year comes to a close, a lot of people start creating their list of new year goals (download our free worksheet- Reflecting + Goals 2017). But instead of making ONLY your new year goals, consider making a list of all the things you appreciated this year no matter how many bad things happened to you in 2016.

Focusing on this will help you realize how many blessings you’ve had and that in the midst of not such good times, very good things DO happen. We must start appreciating what we’ve got before we start expecting more blessings.

This year, I got to travel back to Nicaragua, the country I was born in. It was a very expensive trip for my family because it was several of us. However, my husband insisted on going because I’d always say we’d go and the total trip expenses always seemed so high.

I’d always say we’d go next year and I have many excuses. Excuses like….next year because our savings would be larger and I’d feel better knowing we’d have more than enough if something were to happen or because I was actually afraid to go outside of the country when planes are disappearing or crashing for no reason (yup, and I know I’m not alone on this one) or because I thought it would be hard to travel with kids in a third world country. Next year would come and go and years passed. So, off we went. Continue reading “Consider making this list”

How to write to your legislators

Since the election results, we’ve seen many, many posts stating or asking people to contact their legislators and a lot of people don’t seem to think that contacting them will do any good. Most of the time, people want to reach out but have no idea who their representatives are or what to say to them.

Well, I have LOTS of experience writing legislators. I’ve requested their assistance when dealing with certain government agencies and I’ve also called and written in to give suggestions or to complain about certain agencies or procedures that I believe need change.

As a matter of fact, the first time I wrote a legislator was when I was 20 years old. I was in the military and I had just returned from my 1-year tour in South Korea. I’d gotten married to a soldier who was stationed in a different state. As a married soldier, I could not live in the barracks. So, my option was to rent my own place since housing was not available for married soldiers whose spouses were not living with them. Continue reading “How to write to your legislators”

The Power of Persistence


In 2007 I was already a mother to a 15 month old baby girl and I gave birth to my second child at the end of that year. I was in the military about to get out after ten years of service and I was excited about becoming a civilian and being able to take care of my family.

The plan was something like this. I was going to take a few months off after giving birth to my second child. I would find a good job in a different state because I didn’t want to stay in Maryland and I would carry on with my life with my little family. Oh, how wrong I was! When life throws a challenge, it really throws it hard!

So, I left the Army one month before I gave birth at the end of 2007. My hubby (Henry) and I had a nice nest egg in case something happened. Henry was doing great in the real estate field despite some health challenges he had incurred after he too served in the military.

But here come those challenges I was talking about. In 2007 the housing market started crashing…along with everything else. It hit some areas of the country really hard and almost instantly. It took a while but it hit Maryland too.

No one expected the market bubble to burst as bad as it did. So, I had no idea that getting out of the military and losing that stable paycheck and full medical benefits was going to be an enormous mistake. Continue reading “The Power of Persistence”